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Submitted on
November 21, 2012


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I got tagged by  :iconAzureYugiohVanguardplz: ( thank so much :iconyugiohhugplz:)!!! I was going to upload this a week ago but i got sick with the flu : ( but im all better now ! So lets get started XD !! :iconlaplz:  

1. Whats your favorite but weird thing to do ? Well i got alot like talking with my hands, making weird noises and faces, and laughing at alomst everything random ( i got a good sense of humor :iconfunnyplz:)!!

2. Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend? Is so did you kiss? I never had a boyfriend so no kissing : ( BUT in my weird mind seto is my man !! And yes i would love to kiss him forever  XD!!!

3. What would you do if the Earth suddenly cracked right in front of you and your best friend and you had the option of savibg he/she from falling into the hole which, by the way, is filled with lava and risking your own life or run away? Of course i would risk my life to save a friend . Friendship bond is important to me.

4. Do you have a favorite anime? If so, what would you do if your favorite character came up to you and asked to be your friend? Yugioh is my favorite anime and seto and i  are more than friends XD!!

5. Are you getting bored? HECK NO !!!

6. What is an object that you like ( makes you feel relaxed or something along those lines)? my ipod touch.

7. What animal are you most like? A chihuahua because i get cold really easily and im full of hyper energy.  

8. Any idea how the name 'Jane' is short for 'Bob'? I have no idea !!
9. What is the weirest name you heard a celebrity call their kid? Blanket , micheal jackson's son.

10. Do you think im weird? If so, good weird or bad weird and why? No i think your awesome and kind!! If you do think that you are weird then thats alright cus im that way too :)
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AzureYugiohVanguard Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Awesome!!!!! :D
:iconaawplz:!!!! Nice avatar yusei nod !!!
AzureYugiohVanguard Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah. It looks really funny when you see the big picture of it! XD
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